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As part of the continued improvement programme for the regeneration of the East Antrim Coastline and in particular the regeneration of our town, Whitehead Community Association intend to apply for funding from the Coastal Communities Fund to help redevelop part of King’s Road from Balmoral Avenue to the Whitehaven Respite Centre.

The intention will be to refurbish the shop frontage, produce a Whitehead central hub for information and tourism, redevelop the retail units, increase the opportunity for start-up and small businesses and re-landscape the shopfront to roadway pedestrian area.

The project will significantly improve the centre of Whitehead and at the same time maintain its historic and cultural heritage. (Traditional cinema doors)

As well as Whitehead regeneration, the project will also provide the town with economic growth and sustainable job creation for our local community.

Although this is by no means a “done deal”, the Community Association will be applying to Mid & East Antrim Council for Planning Permission by the end of January, before lodging an Application for funding.

The overall project is intended to attract an increased footfall to Whitehead, and allow the further enhancement of ongoing local projects (“The Blackhead Path”, The Railway Preservation Society, The Gobbins etc).

Community Acceptance

Before embarking on such a major project for our town, it is important that the community of Whitehead is engaged and behind the application.

To this end, we would like to provide you with relevant information, and intend to hold information evenings, display updates around the town and also get input from the community on potential interest in start-up ventures or small business that could complement the programme.

Community Questionnaire

A small questionnaire is attached, which, when returned, will help guide with the decision making on the project.

A positive response will add significant weight to the Funding Application.

Whitehead Regeneration – Community Questionnaire

  1. Do you think that this project will benefit Whitehead? Y/N _________________

Please explain :

  1. As a cinema of yester year, do you think it is a good idea to keep the historic cinema door style as part of the shop frontage. Y/N _________________

Please explain :

  1. We are looking to improve Whitehead for the benefit of its community with economic growth and sustainable local job creation. Are you in favour? Y/N __________________

Please explain :

  1. The regeneration project has short & long term objectives of increasing footfall in the area and directly promoting our town and other local attractions as a place to visit. Are you in favour? Y/N _______________

Please explain :

  1. The forecourt in front of the shops will be a modern landscaped area, including access paths, community seating, trees & local stone.

Are you happy with this approach? Y/N __________________

Please explain :

  1. Community updates will be displayed on notice boards in local facilities (community centre, library, local shops as well as provided on local social media.

Have you any views on other means of information distribution Y/N __________________

Please explain :

Please return completed questionnaires to the Office Manager, Whitehead Community Centre or e-mail to

Large Scale Architect’s Drawing can be viewed at the Community Centre

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